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Tomorrow Madison Home Living is going to visit the school for the sake of showing those who don’t know the school is there what we can do. I have been lucky enough to have been chosen!

We can do any look we would like to really, but I’m going to be doing a classic bridal updo with some braids and creativity all in one!

I will be using the Extra Body shampoo and daily rinse to help boost Emily’s hair for styling. After I pre-dry using a round wrap and finish leafing and beveling, I will begin to use my styling products.

Hot Off the Press is a wonderful her protectant, and is perfect for preventing any damage the heat from the curling iron could cause to the model’s hair. Using a 1” and 1/2” curling iron all over, I will curl every bit of hair until I reach the crown. After cooling, I will use Worked Up, a working spray perfect for working with Emily’s long hair.

I will then section off two front sections to leave out until the final touches are applied. The crown area is teased to give a ‘bump’ of volume and two smaller braids brought from the sides are braided together in the back. Then braid the larger two bottom sections, pull them loose a bit, and bring them together in a twisting motion in order to make the flower in the back. Take the front pieces and curl them back into the finished look. I left a fringe on Emily because it softens the face a bit for the bridal look.

Finish with a strong hold spray such as Hold Me Tight and Extra Body Firm Finishing Spray. For an added finish, spray some Awapuhi Wild Ginger Shine Spray all over for a beautiful shine!

Color Techniques: Ombré

Following the previous post: Is ombré really out?

No! It is absolutely still a popular hair trend, and quite frankly one of the most beautiful in my opinion. In the past week collectively at school, I have had two ombrés requested. The first was so avid on getting it because she was in love with it, and the second I suggested to her because she had initially made an appointment with me for a full head of lightener. After her consultation (the most important part of the service!) she decided that she wanted to be mostly blonde but without too much upkeep. Now, would she be a candidate for a lot of highlights if she is only willing to come in to the salon every eight weeks? No. She would be extremely happy time-wise and price-wise. So we took a different route. 

I showed her a picture of the ombré that I had done the week before, and she absolutely loved the idea. “But isn’t that a trend that’s kinda going out of style?” Absolutely not! It’s fall, everyone’s highlights are naturally growing out anyways, why not make it look absolutely gorgeous? Add some burnt umber, natural brown, warm tones, and you have a wonderfully planned ‘grown-out’ look with purpose. 



Above are the pictures I showed my most recent client, and she was very impressed. She completely agreed that is what she wanted, and we decided which color, tone, and how far up she wanted the color to begin to fade. 

We applied the lightener into about ten different sections, taken diagonally from the round of the head, starting at the left temple, to behind the ear, from the front hairline to the nape, until we reached the top of the head. Then, we began applying to the right temple, to behind the ear, from the front hairline to the nape, until we reached the meeting point. I chose a 20 volume  with Dual Purpose Lightener because I was confident in my speed and also found it most appropriate for her ‘tone’. 

(In my opinion, Synchrolift gives more of a sheer, cool toned blonde versus Dual Purpose Lightener which gives more of a warm, deep tone.)

Within the sections, I lightly teased/back combed the hair until it reached a bit below her mid-shafts, and applied lightener to the bottom (tips) of the hair and feathered towards the top (bottom of the teasy area). 

After fifteen minutes of processing, VOILA!

While not as strong as the previous ombré, this one gives exactly what she wanted: not too bright, mostly blonde, and minimal to no maintenance. 

I had a very happy (and rebooked!) client!

Makeup Tips #1: Eyelashes

This week, I would like to start a new subject other than hair for once: makeup! Being one of my favorite things I practice at my Paul Mitchell school in Huntsville, I love to learn more tips and tricks- and then teach everybody else. I came across something this morning while putting on my own makeup, and I’m pretty sure some of you other gals (and guys too!) have come across this issue. 

Lashes: real, fake, individual, strand, mascara, what-have-you. Ladies, admit it, we HAVE to have mascara, even if it means skimping on everything else on your face. In my opinion mascara is the most important makeup add-on, almost like lip gloss. It makes anyone’s eyes noticeable, it enhances any look, adds color to the look, adds dimension to the face… need I keep going? Let me get to my point here. 

Many women apply mascara, but actually don’t know the correct way to apply it. My mother asked me while I was visiting her to do her makeup, and during mascara asked me, “Why are you wriggling it? Aren’t you just supposed to just… you know, put it on?”

No! You can, however, it won’t get you the result you want. Fuller, lengthier lashes are most every woman’s desire, and I will teach you how to acquire it. 

First, use black. Marketing companies and those trying to sell you a product will tell you that if you have blue eyes, use brown. Brown eyes, use almost-black. Any other eye color, use… no. Just, no! ANY eye color can use black mascara. In my opinion, it makes any eye color pop, and always enhances any eye shadow application; so just stick with black! 

Second, instead of pulling the wand strait out of the tube and having the applicator brush be full of clumps and a smeary mess waiting to happen, TWIST the  wand handle and pull at the same time until the wand is completely out of the bottle. Wipe any excess mascara on the inside of the bottle so that minimal amounts is wasted. 

Next, begin applying your mascara on the BOTTOM lashes first. You apply the mascara from base to tips like so:

Place the brush at the base of your lashes at your tear duct. Instead of just going strait down with your application, twist the applicator brush and WIGGLE the applicator brush at the same time while coating the lashes from base to tip. This will give you maximum volume and awesome length at the same time, no matter which mascara you use. Also, it reduces clumping on your lashes; no more making weird faces in the mirror while trying to wipe those clumps off with a square of toilet paper! 

My personal favorite is Colossal Lashes by Maybelline. 

Another tip: Waterproof. 

There’s really no difference to me in waterproof and non-waterproof mascara other than the fact of, well, it’s waterproof. Though I’ve read that waterproof mascara generally holds a better curl. I’ve never tried this because of my distaste for REMOVING waterproof mascara. Extra virgin olive oil does the trick, but to me it’s SUCH a pain, and I’d rather just use a curler. 

Which brings me to my next point: curling your lashes. 

Don’t just curl once and be done; instead, curl starting at the mid-shaft (middle) of your lash, hold for five seconds, move towards the tip a bit, hold for five seconds, and end at the tip by holding for about another five seconds. For ADDED longevity of the curl, use a HEATED eyelash curler. If you don’t have that in the budget, here’s another hint that I’ve done myself a few times: use your blow dryer on high and hold it on the curler for five seconds or so (man, five seconds must be a popular amount of time…). Test the temperature of the curler on your wrist before applying to your eye!!  

Depending on the look you’re going for, layering makes a difference. If you’re going for a natural look, only apply one layer of mascara. If you’re going dramatic or even every-day, I would suggest 2-3 layers. Don’t wait for the mascara to dry in between, though. You will want to apply the coats simultaneously as they’re still wet-dry. If you wait for them to dry, they WILL flake! 

I hope I helped you and if you need anything else feel free to ask!

If any product you use irritates you discontinue use immediately!

-Megan Willis